Old Jeans Needed

Announced March 27, 2017

old-jeans_horiz_egxfbhALTOONA DISTRICT MISSION CENTRAL HUB is in need of old worn jeans to use to make quilts. The VIM team takes these to give out when they work in areas where there has been a disaster.  Others are distributed locally and nationally as supply permits.
To date, the cutters, sew-ers, and knotters have made and shared 485 jean quilts with those in need.

The HUB is always in need of people to sew the patches, and put the sheets on the backs of the quilts. If you can help, please contact Barbara Glass at (814) 201-2123 or bglasspa1@atlanticbb.net.
Thanks to all of you for your support!
(If you have old jeans, you can bring them to the church and place them in the HUB box by the drinking fountain in the hallway.)